When Does Cry (Modern African)


      When doves cry (modern African) - Rhythms del Mundo

When Doves Cry is the second EP released by the Afro-Cuban collective, Rhythms Del Mundo, which was created as a tribute to the late Prince, who passed away on 21st April 2016. The EP features three re-workings of his famous track When Doves Cry, merging the talents of Rhythms Del Mundo, British Psy Trance outfit ManMadeMan, and singer-songwriter, Jazz Flowers.

Kenny Young, Rhythms Del Mundo’s producer, says: “Prince was an enigma to some, an idol to many, but a phenomenal talent to all. This EP is a fitting tribute to the life of an artist we all admire and respect; a collective sigh of grief to his passing and an acknowledgment of a man who was kind and philanthropic in nature. Prince was one of Rhythms Del Mundo’s inspirations and we’re delighted to have been given permission to re-work his music so it may live on and evolve.”

When Doves Cry is released ahead of Rhythms Del Mundo’s much anticipated seventh album, ‘Plastic Oceans’, due to be released in summer 2017. Tracks are available to download individually or as the full EP. As a bonus, all profits will go towards funding marine conservation work worldwide, mitigating plastic ocean pollution, through Rhythms Del Mundo’s charity arm, Artists Project Earth as well as to Prince’s favourite environmental charity, Green For All.